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Lineup Transition Festival 2024

The sacred land is located 4 kms far from Almonte (HU-4300),  Latitud 37.238315 / Longitud: -6.569638 The natural schenery where this event takes place is full of magic and culture, where Mother Nature offers a particular  scene with trees 30 m height. The magical pine tree forest was carefully maintained by Luis Espinosa Fondevilla, a famous character, full of devotion in love with the beauty of Doñana. Luis was a really generous, humble man, who spent all his money in food for poor people and parties for his friends at his palace.


Even our sacred dance floor is strategically located in a clearing surrounded by 9 pine giants, providing a natural enclave for the music, and bouncing the sounds back to the dancers. They also help keep the dance floor warm in the nights, and provide important shade during the days.