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Lineup Transition Festival 2024

Universe is in constant movement. Nothing is static.... everything change... although it looks like the Earth is not moving... it does at more than 100.000 kms/h. It is a matter of perception that we see things evolving and moving...

During the summer 2022, Transition´s sacred land was hit by a big fire burning more than 1000 Hc of the forest. The surrounding area where the festival is located was really damaged by the flames getting more than 20 metters high in some places... Nevertheless, the exact place where the main floor is located was never touched by the flames. It looks like a miracle that our lovely main floor was out of the universe of the fire... or simply there was some force stopping it. Now we can really say that the forest is magic. If you place yourself  in the main floor you cannot notice any change in nature. When you arrive to the roundabout close the festival location, you notice that the area is really damaged, but once you cross the imaginary festival gates... you cannot notice any change. Thats why we have got the strength to celebrate again with all of you in 2024. 

During the spring, the City Council has developed some forest works to regenerate the area. This mission has taken until end of May 2023, being the main reason why we didnt celebrate Transition Festival in 2023. Next 1st May 2024 it will start the 13th edition of transition Festival. The theme is giving thanks to Mother Nature and celebrate life disolving the boundaries of our minds through a high level shamanic experience. If you have never been into Transition, now you have a new opportunity. You are welcome !!!