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Lineup Transition Festival 2024

The market provides a fine selection of clothes and decorating objects for your festival. This place is specially designed for families or tribes who want to contribute with their creativity to the event. The market is as important as any other element, bringing multicultural energies. It is mainly focused to clothes, handcrafted products, chaishops, resting areas, etc... no food stands are allowed. Please, remember shops without prior applications are not welcome to the festival. Remember each Market stall should provide a really and exciting rich experience in their own, so it is a powerful element for the festival itself.

To participate in the market area fill this form and if your application is accepted we will contact you via email with all the information and links to formalize your reservation. Please note that not all applications are accepted, and the general public tickets and the market area bookings are not refundable, so we recommend following the process and the instructions step by step.