Welcome totransition 2020



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What an amazing time at Transition. The atmosphere was so sweet. Deco, music, crowd...Lovely to see friends and make a bunch of new ones!!!


Thank you Transition Crew for of the most amazing festival spirits I experienced in Europe! Super professional crew, great decoration, sound and location!!!


Love to Transition Festival, one of my favourite spots. Thank you everyone for such a nice party!!!


One of the most precisely organized event. Full support for these guys, if someone's looking for a small family style festival to go, this is a one to be in a list for the next year.


It was just a pleasure to be part of such a cozy nice event, top notch location, super nice public, full support for next edition !!!


Thank you very much for these magical days. Transition Crew creates a wonderland with happy people from all over the world. Looking foward to next time !!!


Thank you so much for this amazing week. The crowd, the crew, the organizers... It´s imposible to find words for such a great experience. The music, and the decoration... WOW Transition is my favourite festival.


Gracias a todos los que han trabajado en hacer posible esta semana fantastica. Buen ambiente, mejor djs, gente guai con tanta sonrisa por todos lados. Para mi es el mejor de todos. Viva Transition!


Gracias!!! What a blast!! The atmosphere of the festival is amazing! All the people very friendly and respectful. The music... FUCK !!! All the time AWESOME !!! There was a big psytrance family party. See you next year !!!


Thank you for this amazing festival. You see when something is done with love, and this is the word for describe this festival. Beautiful people, amazing music day and night, decoration super nice... All is perfect !!! Thank you !!!


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Experience: (from latín experientĭa). Knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it. 

Transition: (from latín "transitio") Change of position, state, or concept to another.

"The Transition Experience" is an opportunity to know yourself, discover love inside of you, and transform your life. In the past 10 years of history, there are many real facts of transformation in our participants. Do you want to start living the life you always dreamed off? Here you can find the strength that you need to break the boundaries that blocks your spiritual growth. 

We live in the universe our ancestors have created for us. We share a continuous flow of collective connection, giving us a wide range of possibilities. It will come a time in your life, when you ask yourself a series of questions... Am I happy with who I am? Am I happy with the people around me? Am I happy with what I am doing? Am I happy with the way my life is going? Then... do not let these questions restrain or trouble you, just point yourself in the direction of your dreams. Find the strength in  the sound, and make your transition. 

Do not lose the opportunity to meet and give yourself this precious gift. If you take the decision of making the transition, just let it flow, give everything, and follow your intuition. Welcome home.

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