This is the place where the ancient ritual of the trance dance experience is defined, offering a unique psychedelic adventure under 50.000 W Line-Array. Sound is one of the main aspects for Transition Crew; so we will have again the same EV sound system than in previous editions. The central pine tree offers a unique sonic experience, so you are invited to taste it; this is one of the main activities in the Main Floor to really connect mind, body, and soul with supernatural energy to dance along the night without being tired much.

The aim of the Transition experience is a group of elements that makes you feeling the music not only through the ear, but the whole body. The Main Floor is a cosmic circle made by tall trees, where there is a natural reverb simply perfect. The musical program offers a complete guide with pauses, peaks, and relaxed moments. Transition Festival is a party which pretends to go beyond music; therefore, only the main headliners will be announced. Transition is the perfect place to explore and connect with the dancefloor, and the music of the soul. Enjoy a peaceful experience, a desconnection with all you have been and open the doors of what you can be. 


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