Welcome To Transition

Lineup Transition Festival 2024

Organic Showers: To keep your souls calm and your bodies fresh, our organic showers are open everyday from 09:00 to 21:00. To preserve the ecological integrity of Doñana Natural Park, we can not install water pipes, instead, we must transport water daily from Almonte to the festival. Please, be aware of the amount of water you use. Help us to keep our forest pure by using only organic soap, which can be purchased from our mini-market.

Ecologic Toilets: Need a moment’s relieve? Our ecological toilets are provided by Ecologic Green, which processes our waste safely with only products that are safe for the environment. They are compliant with the local health and security laws RD 1627/1997 and RD 2816/1982. Please help us by not throwing inorganic waste into the toilets and let us know if any of the toilets are not functioning up to your expectations.

Water Point: The main water point is located just beside the showers. Please keep yourself hydrated and always drink a little more than you think you need. We do recommend getting a 5-litre bottle of water from our mini-market and bringing it to your tent. If you need to refill the bottle, remember the water from the tank is completely safe and healthy for drinking.

First Aid: We are a family. So it’s important that we all look out for one another and stay safe. Let’s treat one another with respect. Bear in mind that drugs are illegal in Spain, so pleas act accordingly. If you require any first aid, please go to the Red Cross tent. Many animals and insects live amongst us in the forest, and we’d like to bring your attention to the hairy caterpillars that can cause skin irritation and a stinging sensation when touched. Please DO NOT SCRATCH the irritated skin area and approach our Red Cross crew for a soothing cream.

Lockers: We are in the process to get this facility for 2024 edition. More information soon.