Welcome To Transition

Lineup Transition Festival 2024

Welcome to Doñana. It is our deep privilege to be able to celebrate our festival in the magical forests of Doñana for the past 10 years. We are able to do this only because we compromise every year to leave the festival grounds free from litter, just as Mother Nature intended. This is just possible thanks to the Garbage Deposit, which needs a special collaboration from your side.

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Transition Crew will ask you for a 5 € Garbage Deposit at your arrival. This means you will be given an empty garbage bag and a token upon entry. Return a full garbage bag to the container by the gate and give back the token to get your deposit back. Remember that the Garbage Deposit is not included in the price of the ticket. In this way you can get  your Deposit back as soon as the bag is full. Remember the cut-off time on Monday is at 5:00 pm. Thank you.

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