Welcome To Transition

Lineup Transition Festival 2024


Camp in group with your friends, take your time to decorate your camp,meet your neighbours, and introduce yourself. Relationships among people create nets of exchange in the community and you will feel part of the festival family.


Use the precise water you need from the Water Point located in the showers, and be comprehensive with the amount you spend and the rest of participants. Be concious that the trucks need to come from the town so maybe it is posible that there is no water while the deposits are being changed. You can always find free glasses of water in the bars and 5 littres containers in the Minimarket under reasonable prices.


Please, leave your dogs at home as they can be a danger for guests and children. Also the smell of droppings is not confortable. If it is imposible for you to leave your dog at home, keep it tied in all moment.


 At the entrance you will get an empty rubbish bag to keep the area as clean as possible. We ask you special collaboration in this matter, since Transition Crew keeps a full respect to nature. If you need more bags you only need to ask for them in the entrance.


 LOpen fires are not allowed. This area of Andalucia is really sensitive to fire. If you smoke, asure you drop the but in ashtrays. Camping gas and fireworks are not allowerd.


It is not allowed to have sound systems in the parking area.
Please, respect the other participants to have a peaceful transition experience.


Remember that you can get into the camping area with everything you need, however,
be aware of the security measures in the dancefloors.