Next 10th of May 2022 at 22:22h the 11th edition of this particular celebration will explode. We are dreaming about coming back to the forest in "Transition Festival 2022", a hype coming true for most of the party people who already experienced dancing under the full moon in deep trance surrounded by nature. The roots of this party are coming from the golden times, when we were allowed to rave as free birds without restrictions.

Imagine a priviledged natural protected place with a warm atmosphere dwelling in the magic forest. If there is a word hich defines this party, apart from its name "Transition", it´s "FAMILY". "Transition Festival" is a vital experience of coexistence and transformation, a true wonder in the middle of nature. 

Its participants are coming from different countries, so you might find any kind of person from anywhere from this planet being dancing next to you. Transition is about celebration, harmony, music cult and the connection to nature. Every moment of the day is an opportunity to gather experiences and during the night all is covered in a cloak of magic and psychedelic mysticism... incredibly unique. It worths a try ;) 

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