14-21 MAY 2019


Doñana, Spain


Dearest family, friends, lovers, freaks, hippies, and dancers, Transition Crew is deeply humbled to present to you a little project: "Times of Transition". Our tribe’s very own newspaper, delivering to you only useful, loving information and transformational philosophy. You’ll be hearing from us at least once a week until the festival, and oh, guess what? We will even have printed copies of our paper during the festival itself, so you can keep yourself deeply connected with our good vibes even as you dance your soul away with us.

Over these years, your support has been everything to us. You see, we’re not a mass festival, that’s why we’re able to keep our family tight and make sure everyone’s well taken care of – physically, mentally, and spiritually. And we intend to do even better for you, our family.

Our journey has been one of ups and downs, and there have been times when the crew felt lost and exhausted. But at moments like these, all we needed to do was to look back at our festival photos. And seeing all your radiant smiles and your bright souls, it isn’t difficult to be reminded that together, we have created something incredibly beautiful, and something that could last a long, long time. For this, we thank you, and we salute you, beautiful dancer.

Just like the universe, our festival (as the name suggests) is always in Transition. Every year, we try to bring you an even more powerful experience, but the philosophy always remains the same – we’re here to grow as one, we’re here to make a common Transition to become better, nicer, more compassionate human beings. You have helped us grow, and we certainly hope that we have helped pave the way towards your greater self too.

As we start our busy preparation for this year’s Transition Festival, happening on the 14–21 of May in the mesmerising region of Doñana, Spain, we wish to take some time to reflect on why we started the festival in the first place, so that you too, can really feel at one with us.

We believe that every psychedelic festival has the power to change humanity. It is on the sacred festival grounds we come together to dance, love, eat, share, and rest. It is here we understand that human communities can be filled with love and compassion. And it is here we can take the chance to grow out of our old, senseless habits, and move on to a bigger, more grounded self. That, my friends, is the cornerstone to our humble beginning.

Transition Festival is to be a safe space for us to explore our consciousness, our relationships, and our connections to Mother Earth and the universe. We are the family that helps you learning and growing. Our cellebration is a gentle space for you to bring your tribe and create stronger bonds with them.

And this year, let us start the festival season off with this deeply seated in our hearts, let us remember that we are here to love, and let us allow ourselves, and one another, to make the Transition once again.

Welcome to Transition 2019. Are you ready to make your Transition?