14-21 MAY 2019


Doñana, Spain


It looks like it was yesterday when this picture was taken, actually from 4th March 2007, more than 10 years ago.
That was the first innocent meeting in the magic forest... 

The history of Transition Festival starts at this point, when after raving more than 5 years in the beach and mountains, an ordinary day going for a walk around Almonte, the magic forest appears in front of us. The feeling, the moment of the day, the magnificient of nature... anybody could feel that something misterious and special was going on in this place. Once at home, the date of 4th March 2007 was out to celebrate 5 years of the tribe, without knowing that during that weekend, there was a full moon total eclipse. When we were building the rave, rumours started to arrive with the first guests... Some of us didnt believe until the light of the full moon started to dissapear around 2:00 am 


 There are no words to describe the magic of that moment, we could simply feel that we were in another dimension, we just felt the need to coming back to this place to keep doing parties there, to celebrate the rebirth of nature and the Spring Ecquinox. Transition Crew is eternally thankful for the inspiration, the motivation, the magic, and the will given to our beings from the 23rd March 2008.


From that year on, Transition Crew gives out the date of the first edition of the festival in 2009; The Changeling... but that is another story... <3 

To be continued...